Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For Whom the Bell Toll....

For those who do not know, I am a first year teacher at the high school level and BELLS are a major part of my job. From the ringing of the first one at 7:15 until the last one at 2:00, everything in between is pretty much a blur. Oh and please don't be an advisory day because then my day is really in for a whirlwind.

Being a teacher is all about the right amount of preparation., making sure every component of the lesson is in place. We plan for weeks and even months in advance in order to prepare our students for victory and success on a standardized test or success in general . If everything is not in place for one day, we are in a hurry to put something together really quickly.

Today was one of those crazy food days, I neglected to eat my snack during third period planning and by the time I went to teach my next class (4th period) I was hungry and at the end of that class...it was over... I ran to my office and grabbed a bag of hot cheetos to eat on my way to 5th period. Since that didn't help, I sent my student to grab the candy jar ... In a matter of 45 minutes I consumed about 400 calories- which is a meal. I had hot cheetos, 6 laffy taffys, and 3 Hershey miniatures that had absolutely no nutritional value. I am hard on myself eating those things no but I did learn that it is imperative that I have the mid-morning snack prior to teaching my 4th period class. Those 5-6 small meals really do make a difference!

Lesson for Today... Just like I plan my units to teach, I must plan my meals. When the bell rings for me to move to the next class, I must make sure to eat during 3rd period planning.

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  1. down with your point on planning meals. not so down with the fact that our life is controlled by bells. (regimented schedules--maybe that's why people equate school and prison!?)


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