Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Beginning of a Journey...

Since I can remember, I have always struggled with my weight. Yes, I am confident, outspoken and driven in all aspects of my life except when it comes to making myself a priority. When I am out with my friends, I am the overweight friend. My closest friends have never judged me or made a big deal about my weight. What I have noticed the most is they have always supported no matter what. They have encouraged and spoke out vehemently whenever I called myself FAT!

I can literally say that I have spent thousands of dollars on weight loss programs and have even researched weight loss surgery. Temporary fixes that doesn't get to the root of the issue. I will be focus for weeks and then something will happen and I turn to food.. When I stressed... I eat... When I am lonely... I eat... When I bored... I eat... When I am overwhelmed... I eat... When I watch TV... I eat... When I celebrate... I eat... Instead of calling a friend or a family member, I have always turned to food. So when you think about it, food is my best friend. Food has been my comfort or safe place for way to long.

So now the true journey begins, the ability to truly put myself above anyone and anything. If I hurt your feelings, so what... I will no longer sacrifice myself in order to please other people. For so long I have let fear prevent me for conquering the world. So here I am 288.2 pounds, ready to face the unknown and to walk into my destiny. A destiny that is more about me then what I weight. Instead of cheering from the sidelines, I am ready to participate in the game and shoot the winning shot!!



  1. Q-Get it girl! Our job makes it even easier to turn to food...people bring it to work for all of those reasons you listed. I'm going to the gym M/W/F, but can always use the school one if you ever need a workout buddy.-Shuler

  2. I am proud of you and stand behind you. I look forward to your updates and know that you are currently in my thoughts and prayers. You are definitely an inspiration for me as you have just spoken my life in your words. I just told myself. I am going to get off my fat butt and start walking everyday after work! We can do this. Time to put ourselves before others for once. Huggs Soror

  3. NUMBER!!! I'm with you and I support you 100%! WE can do this!!! Love you! SmOOPches!!!


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