Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Weighty Rollercoaster

For over three years, I have been in a "relationship"... Never fully committed... Leaving and then two months later coming back... Our longest separation was over nine months but I eventually came back... Yes, I have some type of commitment issue but not with a man but with Weight Watchers... Now that I am a pound away from my original starting weight at Weight Watchers (279.6), I can't help but wonder what makes this time different...What about me is different this time around?

My weight tracker on Weight Watchers looks like a Six Flags Rollercoaster... Full of lows but it steadily climbed up.. Sharps ups and slow downs. I am excited to see the decline in the chart... But that will not happen if I don't tracking my meals, working out, and getting rid of toxic associates..

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